Beekeepress Apprenticeship


For women of all ages

With Bee Mistress Sharon Jones
assisted by Jackie Rushton
Beginning Spring 2015

Sharon is trained in the traditional way as a Melissae and is a
Bee Mistress with over 30 years of experience, loving and learning from the bees.  

Her gift is the feminine approach to this sacred art.  
The focus of the apprenticeship will be on practical sustainable beekeeping skills with a gentle hands on approach.  

This is an intensive apprenticeship.  You will learn to maintain a healthy hive while developing a personal relationship with the bees

Classes are taught in beautiful Benzie County near the shores of Lake Michigan from May through October.

For a detailed description and more information, contact her at: 

About Jackie

Jackie is a Wise Woman Herbalist and has been playing with the plants since she can remember.

She began teaching about the healing properties of plants in 1987. She has studied with many teachers and apprenticed to Susan Weed. Jackie has trained apprentices in herbal medicine and women's spirituality since 1999.

It was through this relationship with the plants and the devas that she was called to find her sister of the hive, Sharon. She has been mentored by Sharon for 12 years and now the hive has hummed their way into her life. Jackie is committed to sharing the sweetness of sisterhood, the holiness of the hive and the beauty of the bees. She is honored to assist Sharon in teaching the mysteries and magick of the hive.

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